Credit where credit’s due

First thing’s first: I’m a thief.

What I mean to say is, at this early stage of our blog, most (if not all) of our recipes are stolen from other food blogs. We’re just getting started, and we don’t yet have a lot of our own original work to share.

My former roommate (and baking inspiration) Cerrithwen used to call our shared food blog perusals “food porn”, and that term remains apt to this day. I spend a lot of time browsing various food blogs. A lot. A truly disproportionate amount of time, really, when you consider how busy my life usually is. This browsing usually results in me looking up from my phone / computer periodically and exclaiming things like “salted caramel bread pudding?!” to which Matt’s response is usually “uh, YES!” and then I’m off to the kitchen to make sure we have all ingredients needed to create whatever recipe I just got excited about. And then I cook/bake it, and then I post pictures of it, and then you all get excited about it too, and so on, and so forth.

So, let me begin this blog by giving credit to the primary sources I pull from. This is an off-the-top-of-my-head list, and it’s relevant as of October 2014. I’ll try to update favorite blog / site links as time goes by.

  • Smitten Kitchen (, I don’t know what I’d do without you. This blog has been one of my primary sources of baking inspiration; every time I get a new idea for something to bake, I start by checking this site. If there’s nothing like what I’m craving (rare), I reluctantly go elsewhere.
  • Epicurious. ( While not a “food blog” per se, this has been a favorite site of mine for some time. I appreciate the peer review process, and I appreciate the effective searching functions (“I’d like to cook pork tenderloin, and I want it to involve honey and rosemary, and it’s fall right now, and I want to roast it…” “Okay, here’s 16 options, sortable by highest peer rated.” DONE!)
  • Food 52. ( A recent food blog-ish acquisition, this website is full of seasonal and timely suggestions that help get the inspiration flowing.
  • Against All Grain (
  • 101 Cookbooks (
  • Many more.

One thought on “Credit where credit’s due

  1. There’s a great little add-on in WordPress that lets you list websites in the side bar on your blog. Might be an easier place to wrangle/add to the blogs and sites that you’d like to give credit to than in this post. Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets. 🙂

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