Who I am and what I’m doing here

My name is Alexandra Jacobs, and I have a kitchen problem.

I should have been born into a large family, with endless cousins and aunts and uncles and children underfoot and mouths to feed and yelling and laughter. But as an only child, my “family” is largely comprised of an increasingly scattered network of weirdo friends all along the continuum between running away with circuses to quietly married with children. They do their best to enable oblige me by consuming the constant onslaught of breads, fresh pasta, random sauces, and pickled veggies, and by attending my frequent large dinner parties, but at the end of the day there’s just too much kitchen love to account for.

It’s not like I don’t have enough to keep me busy. I work a full time job in social justice (that I love). But at some point over the past decade– maybe during law school, when keeping myself fed with any degree of consistency was seriously touch and go– cooking became my primary source of creativity and a huge aspect of my relaxation. And not just the acts of cooking itself, the chopping and sauteing and saucing and simmering, but everything that leads up to it. The food blog surfing. The menu planning. The grocery shopping. The “what do I have that needs to be used up and what can I make with it”…ing.  All of it became something I do for me.

Which still leaves me with the problem of, what do I do with all of this food?

That time when some stranger gave me 40 pounds of tri-tip, for free, for no good reason, when I was walking down the street by my office. Not pictured: three more bags this size.

My partner and I recently moved to Sacramento (previously hailing from Oakland, Chicago, Denver, and Washington D.C.) and have been surprising ourselves with constant appreciation for a much smaller, more relaxed city than we’re used to. I think the farmer’s markets here really sealed the deal– I guess Sac is called the “Farm-to-Fork” capital, and it’s easy to see why!

I have been circling the drain of starting a food blog for some time now. As it appears that my personal Facebook has morphed into a food and wine blog with a slight lifestyle spin, I’m going to make a go of separating my obsession hobby from the rest of my social media world and see where it ends up.

So many people talk about cooking and baking with the word “EASY” in every other sentence. I get that, if you’re trying to inspire someone to adventure beyond their comfort zone. I do it, too. But ultimately, it’s as easy as you make it. Any skill is learned, and the more you’ve practiced that skill the easier using it will become, and in turn the more you may want to stretch that skill and challenge yourself.

All this to say, I’m not always looking for easy in my food adventures. Sometimes I just want to spend an entire weekend in my kitchen trying out new things, failing at them, scrapping them and re-purposing them, reading more about how to do it better, and trying again.

My happy place is Saturday afternoon, covered in flour, with a wine glass in hand.

Comments? Thoughts? Ideas? Eddie Izzard quotes?  Get in touch!


Re: “Bake Or Death”– Here’s the source. Sort of. If you’ve never seen Dress to Kill, consider this your gateway.


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